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Dear Friends of Agassiz Preschool!

Big changes are afoot in the life of our wonderful school. Over the course of the next year, we plan to document our progress as we move to a new location on this site. We hope you will bookmark this site, subscribe to our feed, and keep in touch!

We are also going to need your support! The people who know and love our school, the families who have been part of this community, the many friends and supporter and neighbors who have all played a role in the development of the school—we need you. There is no one else who knows us and loves us as much as you. Those of you who have been part of our past and our present—we need to ask you to be part of our future and support us through this transition.

Thank you all for already stepping us to help. Thank you, too, for your interest in our future and your commitment to this unique community!

Email Us!

Please let us know that we can count on your support! And help us by spreading the word!

Agassiz Preschool

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